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Physical Therapy

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Physical therapy is an essential segment of a modern healthcare system. It is a 'science of healing and art of caring' which pertains to the assessment and evaluation of musculoskeletal, neurological, cardio-vascular and respiratory systems. It also deals with non-invasive methods of treatment based on movement, manual therapy, physical agents, and therapeutics modalities to relieve the pain and other complications. Hence, physical therapy covers basic parameters of healing science i.e. preventive, promotive, diagnostic, rehabilitative and curative.


Ziauddin College of Physical Therapy (ZCPT) was established in 1999 with the mission to produce competent physical therapists by providing quality education and inculcating employability, leadership, and responsibility.

ZCPT has a strong reputation both nationally and internationally. In 2010, Ziauddin College of Physical Therapy upgraded its four-year graduate programme to five-year Doctor of Physical Therapy programme to stay at par with international standards. The college has also launched a two- year PPDPT (Post- Professional Doctor of Physical Therapy) programme in 2011-2012 for students who have earned the four-year degree and desire to improve their growth. Accelerated Doctor of Physical Therapy and M.S/ M. Phil. programmes are also providing practical learning opportunities and clinical experiences to students.

Programmes Offered